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Hi my fellow breather’s,

I don’t say this lightly but up until I was almost 40 years old my breathing was average at best. My energy levels, focus, attention, poor sleep, brain fog was a constant battle. I have tried many therapies, healing modalities and read 100’s of health books from all over the world in my search. I have had many coaches for karate, boxing, mountain biking, high altitude backpacking, yoga, Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu, weightlifting, and so many more with a very minimal focus on the power of proper breathing. I never gave it a 2nd thought that it might hold a bigger part of the health puzzle. Then I heard from a friend of mine about the power of CO2 (Bohr Effect from 1904) and my next rabbit hole presented itself. I started to read everything I could about the Buteyko Method, Oxygen Advantage, Pranayama, Qi Gong, special ops breathing, and all medical studies behind them.

I was very surprised to be able to upgrade myself across those conditions as fast as I did with such small effort.

I am not new to health hacking. I have been researching other health studies for over 25 years. With those studies I currently use saunas, cold plunges, cold showers, intermittent fasting, water fasting, different food/allergy diets, parasite protocols and more trying to create the healthiest version of myself. NOTHING compared to the changes that I recieved when I spent time practicing the different breathing practices.

Studying, utilizing and showing others the benefits of different breathing practices has been the most rewarding project of my life.

This subject is not a one answer fits all breathing practice, there are many different ways to practice your breathing. You get to judge in the moment and over time how they benefit your body and overall life. We are here to help others save time and energy with our study, research and results approach.

We are here to help you upgrade yourself on every level.

Latest Breathing Studies & Exercises

Studies on Mental Health of College Students

Decline in Mental Health of College Students What to do about it?

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects on three interventions that could be used to improve mental health on U.S. university campuses. Students at universities are often plagued by anxiety, depression, or suicide. There is a shortage of counseling centers on campus. Students and universities can offset the cost by providing preventative, …

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Navy Seals and Military Breathing Exercises

Why do Navy Seals use Box Breathing?

Navy SEALs use box breathing to relieve stress. Navy SEALs often find themselves in high-stress environments. Box breathing can be a useful mindfulness technique to aid in stress management as well as overall wellness. Four steps to box breathing These are the 4 steps to box breathing: Continue to repeat this process until you feel …

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Low Body Oxygen Studies and Effects

8 HIV-AIDS Cause Studies: Low Body O2

Although the biological importance of oxidative stress on events involved in AIDS neuropathogenesis and the HIV-1 proteins responsible for oxidative stress remain to be elucidated, our results point to the activation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) upon HIV-1 infection and its elevation in brain cells of AIDS patients with dementia.
Breathing Studies related to AIDS

6 Studies Breathing Defeats HIV-AIDS

Low body-oxygen levels are known to suppress immunity, increase inflammation, and lead to opportunistic infection, as well as a medical fact. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that increasing body-oxygen levels will help reduce the HIV/AIDS virus-related effects.
Studies related to shortness of breath

11 Studies Shortness of breath and Diseases

The relationship between diseases and shortness of breath. Does one create the other and can you change your breathing and effect diseases. You will be blown away by the studies and the research. Dyspnea- shortness of breath. What is the average breathing rate in dyspnea patients? The average breathing rate of 35 patients with cancer …

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Shortness of breath and disease

19 Studies on the Bohr Effect

What is the Bohr effect? The Bohr effect is a way to explain the cell’s oxygen release. Red blood cells don’t load oxygen into tissues. Carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a key role in O2 transport due vasodilation. Christian Bohr, a Danish physiologist and father of Niels Bohr, first described the Bohr law in 1904. Bohr …

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CO2 and the Brain Breathing Studies

9 Studies- CO2 the Brain Stabilizer and Sedative

Sedative (adjective), means “having an uplifting or calming effect; reducing anxiety stress, excitement, or irritability”. The term sedative is a noun that refers to an agent or drug that has a relaxing, tranquilizing, or soothing effect. When it comes to mental health, CO2 is the most important missing chemical in our brains (see below). Oxygen …

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Studies - Benefits of breathing exercises for adult asthma

13 Studies- Benefit of Breathing exercises for adult asthma

A total of 13 studies involving 906 participants are included in the review. The trials were different from one another in terms of type of breathing exercise performed, number of participants enrolled, number and duration of sessions completed, outcomes reported and statistical presentation of data.